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Presentation Session 3

19 Jun 2017
Breakout Rooms

Presentation Session 3

Room 2: Psychology
Room 3: Sustainable future
Room 4: Cancer

Eleonore Batteux: Risk preferences in surrogate decision making
Robert Murdock: Understanding the practical aspects of developing insect based food products in order to facilitate consumer acceptance of a novel, unfamiliar food
Afrakoma Afriyie-Asante: Liver Cancer Diagnosis on a Glass
Nathan J Stuttard: Detecting Guilty Knowledge through Eye Movement analysis: Evidence for concurrent methods
Fanran Meng: Carbon fibre composite recycling: environment friendly and cost effective
Afrakoma Afriyie-Asante: Mathematical Modelling of a Novel Chemotherapy Delivery System for Brain Tumour Treatment
JCong Trung Truong (Ryan): The predictive validity of personality to sustainability leadership
Suyani Indriastuti: Mining foreign direct investment (FDI) and the human security of local communities in indonesia

3 x 15 Minute Presentations from each theme