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Presentation Session 2

19 Jun 2017
Breakout Rooms

Presentation Session 2

Room 2: Geography
Room 3: Education
Room 4: Social Development

Nina (Roumpini-Ioanna) Charami: Approaching and transforming a peripheral landscape: the perioikoi of ancient Laconia
Siobhan Marshall: Universities Overseas Offices: A new way of recruiting international students
Mohsen Gul: Re-branding youth involvement in the third sector: challenging ‘globalisation of indifference’ in the post-Brexit landscape
Gioele Ruffini: Effects of water body geometries on landslide-tsunami propagation
Ipek Saralar: Four Middle School Teachers’ Beliefs and Goals Regarding GeoGebra
Christos Andrikopoulos: Key elements for a growth transformation in Europe
Hussein Ali Hussein Al-Sarri: Prediction the main features of soil behaviour with a new unified anisotropic constitutive `ANICASMS` & `EVPANICASMS` models 
Maliha Rahanaz: “Invest or not to invest..? The case for Proactive Government Spending on Education in Bangladesh”
Shuo Fei: Exploration of officials’ perspectives towards Universal credit’s influences on their clients’ employment-related behaviours

3 x 15 Minute Presentations from each theme