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Presentation Session 1

19 Jun 2017
Breakout Rooms

Presentation Session 1

Room 2: Identity
Room 3: Medical Technologies
Room 4: Psychology in the workspace
Room 5: Mental Health

Dawn Hazle: “Made in Russia”: Western influences and local themes in Soviet Russia’s emerging metal scene
Lorenzo Pavanello: Let’s play LEGO: building protein complexes to understand molecular mechanisms
Giuliano Gaeta: The effects of emotional stimuli on the execution of a task
Suhathai Tosangwarn : Stigma Associated With Living in a Care Home: Perspectives of Older Residents 
Sam Rosen: A Linguistic Exploration of Identities in Asexual Communities
Charlotte Overton: A qualitative study of the implementation of the tools associated with the sepsis care bundle and pressure ulcer prevention
Priyanka Vedi: A detailed analysis into the emotional labour experiences of junior doctors
Ross Azura Zahit: Investigating Anxiety, Depression and Quality of Life in Older Women with Early Primary Breast Cancer
Noureen Shivji: Psychological effects and coping strategies during puberty: A qualitative study exploring pubertal experiences of young males aged 18-21 in an urban city of Pakistan 
Karla Esparza: Use of modern analytical techniques to assess gastrointestinal health and welfare 
Muhammad Awwal Ladan: The use of models of technology acceptance to understand technology acceptance and use among healthcare professionals in the clinical area in Sub-Saharan Africa
Yakubu Salifu: We are perishable vegetables: the voices of advanced prostate cancer patients in Ghana

3 x 15 Minute Presentations from each theme