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What is Link?

Link19 is the 5th edition of the University of Nottingham and the University of Nottingham Students’ Union’s interdisciplinary research conference. 

It will be held at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Thursday May 20th, 2019.

Our research conference is for postgraduate students and by postgraduate students. We aim to empower postgraduate students to share and celebrate their research in a positive, constructive and collaborative space, and to facilitate the development of interdisciplinary networks.

Last year we saw over 80 postgraduates present their research, as well as hosting keynote speakers and the Graduate School’s 3 Minute Thesis competition.

Why get involved?


The University of Nottingham is a ‘research-led’ University. This extends beyond the those who are directly engaged in research to all students and staff – including those who are only considering research or being taught by those conducting it. We want EVERYONE to understand the value of the genuinely world class research conducted at our University and to be able to share and celebrate those successes.


We want to challenge our students. Explaining your research can be hard, even to those who have expertise and experience; providing a clear and concise review to a non-expert audience is an even more difficult and yet crucial skill. Facilitated Q&As and interactive debates between panels at the end of each session bring the day to life, allowing for genuine conversation about the value of research and increased interdisciplinary understanding.


The best ground-breaking research is interdisciplinary and is achieved through teamwork; we want to enable conversations and connections that might not happen through day-to-day academic activity, but promotes interdisciplinary collaboration. These are the relationships we need to build if our University and our students are to thrive in the modern research environment.


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